A collection of bizarre beauty claims

We wish we could believe everything we’re told about beauty. Like cell-regenerating ingredients or creams that work your DNA. Of course, this kind of information is quite misleading. Actually, there is a word for it: pseudoscience.

The 9 commandments for clear, healthy skin

Sometimes we should just listen to what grandma has to say about beautiful skin. That’s why we have conveniently listed the 9 commandments for clean, healthy skin. Besides using the right products, there are a few other ‘helplines’ you can count on! Here they are:

Easy and healthy Christmas bites

4 days left until Christmas! Were you assigned to be chef de cuisine for the big Christmas dinner? Get inspired by these delicious and easy-to-prepare snacks in Christmas’ clothing!

The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit

It's the season to be jolly... and to snuggle up together and escape into stress-free fairyland!
This time let's not play Alice and follow into the rabbit hole, but listen to silver-tongued Emma Thompson narrating on another rabbit's Christmas adventures: Good old Peter Rabbit!

The ultimate wish list for kids from 4 to 6

Yes! The boy is back in town: Santa! That screams for a big party! Are you prepared for tons of food, hyperactive kiddos and endless wish lists? No?! No worries, we’ve got you (covered)! Our team members scribbled their favourites on paper – et voilà - our Naïf wish list was born. Let’s give Santa a helping hand, shall we?

Christmas wish-list for newborns

Almost Christmas! Santa is about to grab his bag and harness the reindeers. Temperatures are dropping towards below zero and instead of running errands, time is running out.... Let us help out. Read below and check off your baby's gift at once.