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Fact or fiction: waterproof sunscreen also works after swimming

11 April 2018 by Charles Beaumont

A lot of people often opt for a sunscreen that is waterproof. However, is this waterproof feature really beneficial in a sunscreen? Also, does a waterproof sunscreen still work on you and your child after being out of the water?

Fact or fable: waterproof sunscreen also works after swimming

Myth: waterproof sunscreens are supposed to be more resistant to water than non-waterproof sunscreens. However, you (and your child!) still need to apply sunscreen onto your body once you’re out of the water. Even the most water-resistant sunscreen can be wiped out by water, sweat, clothes, and it can also just dry out. What about the Protecting Sun Spray and the Protecting Sunscreen from Naïf?

Mineral filter vs chemical filter

Our sunscreens have mineral filters. The benefit of this is that, compared to a sunscreen with a chemical filter, it works immediately when you apply the layer onto the skin. Always safety first! You can read more about UV radiation here.

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