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Newborn Essentials

Silky smooth babies are our top priority. #benaif

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  • The perfect maternity gift
  • All the natural basics you need for the first few months
  • A mini introduction to a clean start

Looking for the basics in the field of baby care? The perfect maternity gift? Ta-dah! Newborn Essentials are here! Baby skin is supposed to be treated with tender love and care, which is why these essentials are perfectly suited for the job. No nonsense or harmful ingredients can touch pure baby skin, only that which makes your baby happy. And you, as well. Bathing your new born has never been this fun!

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What does Naïf contain? Or, better yet: what do these ingredients entail? At Naïf we keep things as simple as possible. No-nonsense products that do exactly what they are supposed to do: provide you with a fresh look at cosmetics. They nourish, clean and give you a healthy glow, literally from head to toe. Learn more about our ingredients here.

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Essential ingredients in baby skincare

A baby skin is delicate, pure and sensitive. This means that it is important to only use natural and non-harmful products on your child’s skin. After all, we only want what’s best for our little ones. We have listed 5 indispensable ingredients in baby care here.

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Free shipping in the UK from £20

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