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Don’t forget the hippo


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Babies are tiny, but it’s amazing how much stuff they need. Whenever you leave the house with a baby you can almost guarantee that you’ve forgotten something essential, like the purple fluffy hippo, or diapers. Our Survival Kit is full of bite-sized versions (please don’t eat them, although we’re sure the babies will try) of everything you need to make bath, bed and diaper time on the road stress free. Don’t forget the hippo.


  • Travel Size Softening Body Lotion (15 ml)
  • Travel Size Nourishing Shampoo (15 ml)
  • Travel Size Cleansing Wash Gel (15 ml)
  • Travel Size Nurturing Cream (15 ml)
  • Imps & Elfs: Dummy Cloth – color may differ from the one in the picture.

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  • I love this Travel Kit. I always have it with me when visiting family and friends. Can’t wait to use it during summer, too!

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