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The 9 commandments for clear, healthy skin

Sometimes we should just listen to what grandma has to say about beautiful skin. That’s why we have conveniently listed the 9 commandments for clean, healthy skin. Besides using the right products, there are a few other ‘helplines’ you can count on! Here they are:


  • Always clean your face


No matter how tired you are or how long you stayed out: always clean your face. Don’t use heavily foaming, aggressive products; go for skin-friendly and mild care. Have you taken a look at our cleanser?


  • Make sure to keep your skin moisturized


Keep moisturizing your skin and also make sure to hydrate from the inside out. Remember to drink plenty of water and to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Dehydrated skin will produce more sebum and this automatically leads to impurities.


  • Just leave them alone!


We’re talking about pimples. When you keep picking at them you will inevitably spread the bacteria to other areas of your face and body. Fingernails are also a place bacteria like to reside, so by fidgeting, scratching and picking you will make it worse and could develop a scar. You don’t want that. If you really can’t resist, make sure to use a tissue.


  • Regularly change your pillowcase


Even if you clean your face before going to bed, the pillow itself is still covered in bacteria. Cover your pillow with two pillowcases and change them once a week, at least.


  • Apply hair products first, then clean your face


This way you will avoid getting hair products on your face.


  • Replace your make up brush


Although you’re probably not the only who has been using the same make up brush for a year now, it’s probably not the most hygienic thing to do. To make the best use of your brush, we recommend cleaning it once a week. But, don’t let it soak in water, the hairs could fall out. Just a little soap and water will do the trick.


  • Use sunscreen


Especially on the skin that is directly exposed to the sun. UV rays age and dehydrate the skin. Don’t worry; ten minutes a day is more than enough to get your dose of vitamin D. And we get it: the sun feels great. But, make sure to put on a cream with SPF – or, as is the case with our products, a natural UV filter (our day cream contains tomato extract)


  • Avoid stress


OK, this one is not so easy. In any case, try to avoid stress as much as possible. Stress directly impacts the state of your skin because it influences your hormone levels.


  • Sleep like a baby


A good night’s sleep is probably the best medicine for a lot of our ailments, and it also promotes beautiful, fresh looking skin. So: go to bed early and make sure you wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.

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