Do you always have to protect your skin from the sun, even during winter?

Despite the fact that UV radiation is one of the biggest enemies for people with dry skin and those that struggle with wrinkle formation, most people still do not sufficiently protect themselves from the sun. During summer, we immediately start applying sunscreen. But is it really necessary to apply sunscreen every day? Even if the sun does not shine? Here’s what our dermatologist, Elian Brenninkmeijer, has to say.

Basics about sun protection

Your skin and that of your child can be protected in many ways against the harmful radiation from the sun. According to KWF Kankerbestrijding, it is vital to apply sunscreen, wear clothes to protect your skin, and avoid direct sunlight. It is also important to choose a good sunscreen for you and your child. But, how can you do this? You can read this blog to find out.

How to sleep well during your pregnancy

You’re pregnant? Congratulations! Of course we hope you feel good, but we also know that those pregnancy hormones can take you for quite a ride. For some pregnant women, a good night’s sleep is unheard of.

How to sleep in 8 steps

A good night’s sleep is important, we already know that. However, we also know that a lot of people are struggling with sleep deprivation. Therefore we have compiled 8 useful tips on how you can have a good night’s sleep.