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The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit

18 December 2016 by Charles Beaumont

It's the season to be jolly... and to snuggle up together and escape into stress-free fairyland!
This time let's not play Alice and follow into the rabbit hole, but listen to silver-tongued Emma Thompson narrating on another rabbit's Christmas adventures: Good old Peter Rabbit!

Do you know that feeling? As soon as the cold season waits around the corner you get double as traditional and reminisce about past Christmases? And the best thing -really- were being a child again…

Emma Thompson makes it possible. A few years back the Oscar-winning actress received the invitation to write a new adventure of Peter Rabbit, the splendid stories and drawings first created by Beatrix Potter in 1893. The invitation came in form of a half eaten radish via mail, and was sent by publisher Frederick Warne. And write a new adventure she did. Yet, she wouldn’t be an actress couldn’t she speak. Thus, Thompson made use of her trained and inspiriting voice and decided to narrate through her story and along the wonderful drawings of Peter Rabbit.

The Tale

Christmas day itself is special – also in the realm of animals…
Peter Rabbit and cousin Benjamin Bunny make a somewhat surprising encounter on this very eventful day.

Gather your kids around, grab the laptop and let the story telling time begin!!

It’s a classic and life lessons for the smallest are included!


That was it?

Sadly, yes. But in the very likely case that you and your little ones are hooked: You can rent an audio book of Emma’s reading, as well as the book full of Peter Rabbit drawings here: https://goo.gl/f3s27h Simply enter your location and find it in the library closest to you.

Alternatively, you can buy both book and audio here: https://goo.gl/2z5VJL

… or of course, in one of the bookshops around the corner.

Happy Holidays!!

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