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A collection of bizarre beauty claims

22 August 2017 by

We wish we could believe everything we’re told about beauty. Like cell-regenerating ingredients or creams that work your DNA. Of course, this kind of information is quite misleading. Actually, there is a word for it: pseudoscience.

There are plenty of brands that make such claims; the promise of a smooth, wrinkle-free face is just that attractive. People are naturally drawn to eternal youth. This makes sense, but unfortunately no cream can guarantee such thing. So we are not going to make that claim. If you come across any of the claims below, just see them for what they are: fairy tales. And remember, even the most beautiful fairy tales are merely fantasy.

  1. Youth Proteins: Proteins to rejuvenate the skin.
  2. Revitalift: A method to remove wrinkles, wouldn’t that be awesome? It’s just that the images used during the entire Revitalift campaign were photoshopped. Which always happens! But, if it makes your wrinkles disappear, who needs Photoshop? Right?
  3. Genifique: The promise of gene repair to rejuvenate your skin. Your skin will be beautiful and radiant within just one week. Oops. We wish it were that simple…
  4. DNA Repair: Imagine your DNA no longer works the way it is supposed to. And that it would give you bad skin, full of wrinkles. Nope. Nobody wants that. Whether a cream, serum or lotion is going to fix that? We don’t think so.
  5. DNAge Cell Renewal: A well-known cosmetics brand promises to repair the top layer of the skin and to regenerate skin cells. Ok, ok, got it. But that’s not all. Besides, this brand figured that the newly gained firmer looking skin would be a permanent. It didn’t exactly work out as planned.
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