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The step-by-step plan for stress-free birthday parties

Hurray! Your mini-me’s birthday is right around the corner. Time to start planning a b-day bash! We got you covered with our step-by-step plan for stress-free birthday parties.

  1. Invitation

No party without friends! So pick a date and start sending those invites. Not sure how many kids to invite? Your kids’ age +1 is a handy number. And the time span of your party? Three hours is long enough with bouncy kiddos (unless you have enough energy of course).

  1. Party outfit

“Life’s a party, so dress like it” as Audrey Hepburn used to say! So start shopping! At Swedish brand Mini Rodini you’ll definitely find the perfect Bambi or Mr. Frog party outfit. For shiny hair you can wash your mini-me’s hair with Naïf Nourishing shampoo.

  1. Decoration

Do you remember your birthdays when you were little? You knew what was coming when spotting balloons and banners: party time! To make it Instagram-worthy: use letter balloons that spell your little ones’ name and hang them on the wall. It’s a little effort, but totally worth it.

  1. Pick a theme for the party

Organise a themed birthday party! It’s always fun to dress up or just to make the kids even more exciting for the party. Whether your toddler would like to have Frozen or a Star Wars-themed party, making them happy is everything that matters.

  1. Pie!

Let your kids decorate the cake or prepare a themed-pie. Are you not really a pastry maker or running out of time? Order lovely pie at your local bakery around the corner or at The Brilliant Bakers’ website.

  1. Make memories

Whether you are going to decorate pancakes with the kids or craft: take pictures regularly. Make sure your camera or phone is charged. Or even better, use a Polaroid camera! Then you can put all the pictures in your mini-me’s room or give them to all the kids as a souvenir. Are you still looking for a Polaroid camera? Take a look at this page to find your own camera.

  1. Ask for help

Don’t do it alone! While daddy is assisting you, an extra helping hand is always appreciated. Why not ask one of your friends or mums of your little ones’ friends? Sure they will help you out! It saves lots of time and effort. Besides, it is fun too!

  1. Relax

You survived, hurray! When the party is over, you can finally sit down, sip a glass of wine and relax. You did a great job!


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