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The ultimate wish list for kids from 4 to 6

Yes! The boy is back in town: Santa! That screams for a big party! Are you prepared for tons of food, hyperactive kiddos and endless wish lists? No?! No worries, we’ve got you (covered)! Our team members scribbled their favourites on paper – et voilà - our Naïf wish list was born. Let’s give Santa a helping hand, shall we?

This week’s wish list was especially created for kids from 4 to 6. Inspiration for the smallest ones from 0 to 3, can be found here.

  1. Little Green Radicals Pyjamas: Does Little Green Radicals ring a bell? Unisex, funny and fair. That’s what they are! These awesome rocket PJs get your little one ready for Christmas! Made from 100% organic Fair Trade Cotton.
  2. Wobbly Wobble: Meet the Wobbel! Made with love in the Netherlands. This wooden wave is not only fun but educative at the same time. Your mini-me will learn how to balance himself, balance toys or can simply use it as the foundation of his very own shop. It’s the perfect buddy for whatever your little one is up to. Curious how it would look under the Christmas Tree? Don’t wait too long – the Wobbel has high popularity!
  3. DEUZ Play Tent: Remember the good old days, when you would build your own house with siblings at home? Gosh, did we wish for more building material! Why not making it a touch easier for your kids and providing them with the ideal foundation? These play tents are easily put together, can be washed and made into an outside summer house whenever the sun is shining! Made out of 100% organic cotton and with sustainable wood from France.

Full of bubbles and joy – the perfect gift for daddy’s girl or momma’s boy.

  1. Cloud: Wouldn’t you love to hug this little fella? This cloud formed cuddly toy is super soft, huge and the perfect friend to hug at every day and night. To meet this adorable plush toy click here. Give your little one reason to love all the clouds in the sky!
  2. GIANT Colouring Picture: Have you ever had a colouring picture that is taller than your toddler? TALLER?! Yes, you read that right. Makii would like to invite all kids to go on an adventure with their very own Makii characters. The perfect gift to share with siblings and friends.
  3. ByJune camera: I think that we just found your mini-me’s very first camera! It is handmade by Dutch interior design brand “By June” and is just as useful as it is unique. Say “cheese”!
  4. The Bubbles Gift Set: Full of bubbles and joy – the perfect gift for daddy’s girl or momma’s boy. Cleansing Wash Gel, Nourishing Shampoo and Softening Body Lotion. Everything you need to have a clean and yummy smelling toddler. Get ready for some bathing fun and wet cuddles. Before going outside into the cold, prep your little one’s skin for all these sleigh rides to come!

It IS all fun and games, Santa!!


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