What we use

What does Naïf contain? Or, better yet: what do these ingredients entail? At Naïf we keep things as simple as possible. No-nonsense products that do exactly what they are supposed to do: provide you with a fresh look at cosmetics. They nourish, clean and give you a healthy glow, literally from head to toe. A list of our main ingredients:


All Naïf products are vegan and 100% animal friendly

  • Cottonseed Oil

    Extracted from the seeds of the cotton plant. Oil that hydrates and rich with vitamin E. Oh baby, that feels nice! If we mention cottonseed extracts, we are not talking about the oil.

  • Avocado Oil

    Extracted from the meat of the fruit, not the seed. Avocado oil works wonders for dry hair and skin. Rich with vitamin A, B1, B2, D and E and Monounsaturated fatty acids. Also nice: easily absorbed by the skin so it’s non-greasy.

  • Sweet Almond Oil

    Aha! This is the premier ingredient for super soft skin. Cold pressed from ripe almond tree seeds. Suitable for younger and riper skin.

  • Macadamia Oil

    Oh man! How great are these nuts? Yes, full of fat but without leaving you feeling greasy and sticky. An added bonus: it’s natural sun protection, anti-inflammatory and helps to heal damaged skin.

  • Bisabolol

    Most likely, you never heard of it but we would like to tell you a little bit more if we may. Its calming properties of chamomile are particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Hydrolysed Wheat Protein Powder

    A gluten-free product mostly used in the hair care industry. It hydrates and nourishes without drying out the scalp.

  • Linseed oil

    An essential skincare ingredient, full of omega-3s. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. This definitely will make your skin happy.

  • Shea butter

    You probably have seen this name before. But what is it, exactly? The butter is derived from the nut of the Vitellaria Nilotica and Vitellaria Paradoxa tree. They can only be found in West and East Africa. Alluring names but the process is even more interesting. These trees only blossom two months a year and take 30 years to produces nuts, that then take another six months to ripen. But it’s well worth the wait. These nuts are used to make Shea butter, rich with essential fatty acids and vitamin A, E and F. Shea butter balances Sebum production and provides that smooth feeling, while calming the skin at the same time. BAM! That’s what we need.

  • Rice powder

    You could choose to use a chemical scrub grain, or a natural variety. We choose the natural one. It’s rice based and known for its hydrating properties. Rice extracts contain peptides and antioxidants.

  • Tomato extract

    Tomato is a strong antioxidant, a natural sun protection and full of vitamin K and biotin. Did you know biotin is found in every living cell, which makes it a skin identical ingredient? It aids skin metabolism and helps to keep you hair. If you lack biotin, it could lead to dry skin and hair loss. So, let’s put on some cream!

  • Apricot kernel oil

    A magnificent oil that does not clog the pores but is packed with polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin B1 and B2.

  • Sunflower seed oil

    An oil rich with selenium, vitamin E and magnesium. Vitamin E aids the healing process and helps scars fade.

  • Rosemary extracts

    The leaves’ extracts help to improve the skin’s condition by drawing in moisture. It’s anti-inflammatory and also works great as a conditioner.

  • Aloë Vera

    The gel retrieved from Aloë Vera leaves is rich of vitamins and minerals. The gel also has a calming and hydrating effect on the skin.

  • Lavender extract

    Lavender has a relaxing and calming influence on the skin. In addition, the plant has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory purpuse. Very useful for a red babybum!

What we don't use